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Skylight Frame Review

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Digital frames are the recent innovation to help us to access and see your digital photos. Choosing the digital frame will help us to share photos and enjoy the happy. It is not tough to search for the best digital frame. It is the famous choice for most of the people who don’t want to print photos and wish to display their images like the slideshow.

The digital frame will grab the attraction of other people. Maybe you want to keep photos in the living room, or you may want to have movable digital photos on your wall. This review helps us to know about ever-changing slide-show frame. If you are looking to impress your family, friends, relatives, grandma, or your loved ones, then Skylight Frame is the WiFi enabled touch-screen digital frame that allows us to send photos to your beloved ones with the email address.

What is Skylight Frame?

Skylight Frame is the best touch-screen photo frame which you may easily update by email from anywhere in the world. This device helps you to share special photos. This product is developed from the beginning to connect the digital and non-digital worlds. So, you can easily connect to the families which miles apart. The email server of this Skylight Frame will download the photos. After adding to the Skylight Frame. The photo is eliminated from the server.

When you get Skylight Frame, then you need to enter the activation code. Everything you require is stable Wi-Fi connection and electric plug adapter. This digital frames will change the way friends, families, and organizations share their stories and happiness. Most of the users love this product. You can easily playback the photos which you like to see. You can gift this frame to kids, parents, grandma, friends, and other people.

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How Does Skylight Frame Works?

Skylight Frame is the beautiful photo frame that helps you to send photos remotely from your computer or phone directly to your desire people’s frame. This frame will connect to the WiFi network, and get PNG, JPG, and JPEG to your email address. Here are the simple instructions on how to use the Skylight’s Frame.

  • Step One: You have to connect Skylight to the power source and powers up.
  • Step Two: Then, you need to tap the touchscreen to connect to Wi-Fi within sixty seconds.
  • Step Three: You need to send photos to your Skylight email. It will receive in few seconds. Finally, your beloved one can sit back and enjoy watching it.

What Are The Features of Skylight Frame?

  • Effortless One Minute Set Up: You can easily plug into Skylight Frame. Tap your screen to sign in to your wi-fi internet network.
  • Email Photos To Your Skylight In Seconds: Anyone can send their photos to Skylight’s special email from the computer, phone, and photos come in few seconds.
  • Easy-to-use Touch-screen display: Your mother can easily swipe through the browser the gallery, photos, delete photos, or pause the slideshow with the single tap.
  • Skylight Highlights Newly Arrived Photos: It comes with the visual notification. So, you can easily view the new photos arrives.
  • The Heart Button: Your beloved ones can tap the heart button to show their loved photo. Skylight will email you.

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  • Skylight Frame will display the special photos magically.
  • It has 1024-600 resolution with the ten-inch color display.
  • You can easily replace your oldest photos with new photos automatically.
  • It provides you eight GB memory to capture more than 8,000+ pictures.
  • You will also have the option to delete photos on the touch-screen interface.
  • It helps you to add text to photos and also get new features automatically.
  • This product does not require any monthly subscription charges or any extra money.


  • Skylight Frame requires WiFi connection every time to use and helps the users to interact with the photos.
  • It does not provide any electrical plug adapter and non-battery device. You will have to buy adapter individually.

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Skylight Frame is the great sharing companion digital frame for people who want to have the unique and innovative frame. It is one of the easy ways to share happy moments with others all around the world. The users will see the new set of photos and enjoy throughout the whole day. It offers you 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you don’t like your Skylight for any reason, you will get back your refund money without any hassles. This product is worth to buy. It does not cost so much. Anyone can easily afford it. Skylight Frame is completely different and unique from any other frame. It offers its service internationally. You can buy anywhere in the globe.

Don’t delay. Hurry Up! To get this Skylight Frame and gift your loved ones.

Skylight Frame reviews

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